Those of you who are familiar with my work understand that I have a “special relationship” with 18th century fallen women, so when I was approached to curate an exhibition on my favourite subject, I simply couldn't refuse. What made this offer especially delectable was its venue - No. 1 Royal Crescent, Bath’s Georgian townhouse museum. Not only is No.1
My name is Hallie Rubenhold and I’m a period drama addict. I’ve been hooked on great historical tales since 1986; that moment when I watched Helena Bonham Carter, trussed up as Lady Jane Grey place her dainty neck on the chopping block. As a young teen, I devoured BBC drama. I revelled in narratives about anything that involved pulling against
It's been a busy several months and I'm a negligent blogger. First, some updates... For those of you lovely people who have asked me about the follow up to Mistress of My Fate, I'm currently hard at work on it. The French Lesson, which picks up where Mistress of My Fate leaves off, is set between Paris and Northern France,