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The French Lesson

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette have been arrested. Paris is at war with itself. Neighbours fear neighbours, masters whisper before servants.
Henrietta Lightfoot, a young Englishwoman fleeing from a dishonourable past in London, finds herself alone in a foreign city in the middle of the French Revolution.

The Covent Garden Ladies; Pimp General Jack & The Extraordinary Story of Harris’s List

(Tempus Publishing, 2005 & Transworld, 2014) In 1757, a down-and-out Irish poet, the head-waiter of Covent Garden's Shakespeare's Head Tavern, and a celebrated London courtesan became bound together by the publication of a little book: Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies. This salacious publication detailing the names and 'specialities' of the capital's prostitutes eventually became one of the eighteenth century's

Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies; Sex in the City in Georgian Britain And The Harlot’s Handbook; Harris’s List

Georgian Britain (Tempus Publishing, 2005, hardback) The Harlot's Handbook; Harris's List (Tempus Publishing, 2007, paperback) Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies was a bestseller of the eighteenth century shifting 250,000 copies in an age before mass consumerism. An annual 'guide book', it detailed the names and 'specialities' of the capital's prostitutes. During its heyday (1757-95) Harris's List was the essential