The drama series, Harlots (on ITV Encore and Hulu)  is currently educating viewers on the realities of life for prostitutes in eighteenth century London. Anyone who ever thought they must have had a jolly olde tyme, or who bought into the romance of the bodice ripper would benefit by taking a good, hard look at the difficulties and complexities of

Those of you who are familiar with my work understand that I have a special relationship with 18th century fallen women, so when I was approached to curate an exhibition on my favourite subject, I simply couldn't refuse. What made this offer especially delectable was its venue - No. 1 Royal Crescent, Bath's Georgian townhouse museum. Not only is No.1
I have to admit, one of the most liberating things I've found about writing fiction is that the scope for invention sometimes seems limitless. Of course, historical fiction with its clearly defined boundaries can prove tricky - but there's no reason why these can't be tinkered with every now and again. Enter Hayley Lock - imaginaut and artist extraordinaire: It's