The drama series, Harlots (on ITV Encore and Hulu)  is currently educating viewers on the realities of life for prostitutes in eighteenth century London. Anyone who ever thought they must have had a jolly olde tyme, or who bought into the romance of the bodice ripper would benefit by taking a good, hard look at the difficulties and complexities of

We’ve entered the home stretch. The Scandalous Lady W will be broadcast in August, though the dates are still up for grabs. At the moment it’s looking like either the 20th or the 27th. In the meantime, Vintage has reissued Lady Worsley’s Whim with a slightly rejigged cover and a new title: The Scandalous Lady W. Available on Amazon and

My name is Hallie Rubenhold and I'm a period drama addict. I've been hooked on great historical tales since 1986; that moment when I watched Helena Bonham Carter, trussed up as Lady Jane Grey place her dainty neck on the chopping block. As a young teen, I devoured BBC drama. I reveled in narratives about anything that involved pulling against