Historical Consultant

Historical Consultancy Work

In addition to her work in front of the camera, Hallie also works behind the scenes as a historical consultant on period dramas, documentaries, and interactive games. She is happy to offer expert advice on; * Historical research, source material, resources * Developing historically accurate story lines * Character research and development * Period clothing, interiors, props * Dialogue and

The Scandalous Lady W

Broadcast; 17 August 2015 on BBC2, a 90-minute adaptation of Hallie’s book, Lady Worsley’s Whim (re-published as The Scandalous Lady W). Hallie worked closely with the writer, David Eldridge as well as the producers and crew. Read about Hallie and David’s experience of working together Read about Hallie’s experience working on The Scandalous Lady W The real Lady W –

City Of Vice

Broadcast: Monday 9pm on Channel 4 from 14/1/2008 - 11/2/2008 Hallie Rubenhold worked alongside executive producers, Justin Hardy and Rob Pursey and a team of screenwriters to create this totally unique five-part historical drama series. Blending fact and fiction, the series relays the story of the formation of the Bow Street Runners (Britain's first police force) under the brothers Henry

A Harlot’s Progress

Broadcast on Channel 4 on 2nd November 2006 A 120-minute dramatisation of the events which might have inspired William Hogarth to paint his iconic series, The Harlot's Progress.

The Untold Great Fire Of London

Broadcast on Channel 4 on 30 June 2010 As part of Channel 4's Bloody Foreigners season, this documentary explores how the 17th century population of London interpreted the events of the Great Fire as an act of French and Dutch terrorism.