TV Historian – Expert Appearances

Hallie appears regularly on documentary, news and current event programmes for TV and Radio. In addition to being a regular contributor to Mysteries at the Museum (Travel Channel, USA) she has featured on programmes such as; Botticelli’s Venus: The Making of An Icon, BBC4 (February, 2016)*Quizeum, BBC4 (April, December 2015) * Harlots, Housewives and Heroines, BBC 4 (June 2012) * Haunted London, Travel Channel USA (July 2012) *The Great Fire of London, the Yesterday Channel (Nov 2012) *Des Racines & Des Ailes; Londres, France 3 (May 2012) * The Best of Enemies; A Love/Hate History of Britain and France, Arte France (June 2012) * Red Hot History: Casanova, History Channel Canada (2012) * Find My Past: Royal Scandal, The Yesterday Channel (December 2011) * Mud Men, History Channel (March 2011) * Titanic: The Mission, Channel 4 (October 2010)*The Untold Great Fire, Channel 4 (June 2010) *History Cold Case, BBC2 (May 2010) *The Beauty of Maps, BBC4 (April 2010) *The Age of Excess: When Britain Went Too Far BBC4 (October 2007) *Balderdash & Piffle, X Rated BBC2 (June 2007) * The History of Prostitution Sky One (June 2006) * The Cinema Show BBC4 (February 2006); as a reviewer of Lasse Hallstrom’s Casanova

…And as Living With the Dead’s historian (season 2, Living TV, 2009)

History Cold Case