Sitting in front of the computer day after day is one of the hazards of the writing life, which is why it’s really a breath of fresh air to get out and: a.) interact with your lovely readers, and b.) participate in some really stimulating conversation. I was fortunate enough to have this happen to me today at the Hampstead and Highgate Literature Festival, where I spoke as part of a panel with Alex Von Tunzelmann and James Burge on the the subject of ‘Women and History’.  In the 60 minute slot, I think we managed to cover every aspect of the subject from Heloise d’Argenteuil to Edwina Mountbatten, from nineteenth century historiography to twenty first century historians. Quite rousing and quite good fun.

Looking forward to more outings in this autumn, including my talk on Wild Women in History at the Winchester Discovery Centre on the 28th of this month, History in the Court on the 29th, and literary festival events on October 17th  (Manchester), 18th (Guildford), and November 15th (London History Festival) and 18th (Richmond).

Hope to see you there!

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